Sailing Experience

Tomales Bay, California

Tomcat MooringThe Sailing Locations

Tours depart from the northeastern shore of Tomales Bay at the public pier between the Miller Park boat launch and Nick's Cove restaurant. This location, directly off of Highway 1, offers easy access, secure parking, and close proximity to many scenic parts of Tomales Bay including the beaches of the Point Reyes National Seashore. Though this location is situated on the northern end of Tomales Bay, the boat's speed allows us to explore far to the south, especially on those tours lasting more than two hours.

The Sailing Experience

The type of experience that will be had on board a sailboat depends heavily on the weather. On calm days with light winds passengers can look forward to gliding along effortlessly while enjoying the beautiful scenery and ample wildlife of Tomales Bay. If the winds pick up, the experience changes and passengers are treated to the thrill of high performance catamaran sailing, experiencing speeds normally reserved for racing sailboats, all from a stable and comfortable platform. The boat is very flexible and so long as customers dress accordingly we can go out and have fun in nearly any weather conditions.